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Subscriber-based service

Subscriber-based service includes:

  • preparation of the draft contracts for client, legal analysis of the contract (visaing documents according to the current legislation on advantageous terms for client);
  • examination the client's reliability;
  • control over correct application of the rules of labor law by personnel department;
  • preparation the projects of orders on all questions of organization activity of the client, oral and written consultations;
  • representation of clients' interests in tax, customs and other competent authorities, participation in the talks;
  • composition of claims.

The cost of subscription services depending on the amount of work per calendar month is 40 000 rubles. up to 200 000 rubles.

In the case of contacting our company for additional legal services, non-subscription services, our clients can be given a discount on the cost of customer care at a rate of 5% to 15%.