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The cost of work without a legal address (1-2 person) - 15,000 rubles. Notary and registration fee paid in addition.

The cost of the legal address of the 12,000 to 15,000 rubles. as a function of MI Federal Tax Service.

Performance time for the preparation of documents - up to 5 days. The deadline for registration at the MI Tax Service № 46 - 5 days +1

To register, the founder of the need to:

  1. determine the controls of society (the membership), elect an executive body, to determine the location (legal address of choice), choose a name, to approve the charter capital, the distribution of the share capital;
  2. identify the types of legal entity for Classification of Economic Activities NACE;
  3. open a temporary (savings) account with the bank to make the share capital (in the case of payment of the authorized capital in cash). At the time of registration should be made not less than 50% of the share capital, the remaining 50% shall be paid within one year from the date of registration. In case the property in return for capital, an evaluation of the property. In making the charter capital assets valued at less than 20,000 rubles a property assessed by the founder. If the property is formed at the expense of the authorized capital in excess of 20,000 rubles, the assessment of the property must make an independent appraiser;
  4. notarized signature of the applicant's statement, P11001;
  5. pay the state duty for registration of legal persons - 4000 rubles., to obtain copies of the charter - 400 rubles.

To register a company, the following documents:

  1. Statement on Form P11001 notarized (page K - 2 copies.)
  2. Statutes (2 copies).
  3. The decision of the founder (Protocol OSU) - 2 copies.
  4. Document the presence of non-residential premises under a legal address.
  5. Bank receipt of the temporary introduction of a savings account for at least half of the share capital.
  6. Copy of passport of the founder.
  7. Of the receipt of registration and copies thereof and copy.
  8. Application for a copy of the Constitution.
  9. Application for a simplified system of taxation.
  10. Authorized representative for obtaining documents.

This service includes a following work:

  1. Preparation of the statute.
  2. Preparation of the decision to establish a company
  3. Preparation of the Treaty on the establishment, the Treaty of agreement or treaty on the establishment, (must be signed and personally polistno each participant)
  4. Preparation of application for state registration of legal entities to create a new form of P11001.
  5. Writing for the registration of MI FNS № 46 of the applicant.
  6. Submission of documents to the registration authority (MI FNS № 46)
  7. Escort in MI FNS № 46 of Moscow.
  8. Making printing
  9. Codes Statistiki4
  10. Preparation of registered documents.
  11. Obtaining Evidence from the PFR.
  12. Obtaining Evidence from the FSS.
  13. Obtaining Evidence from FMS.

After registration, the applicant sent the following documents:

  1. A certified copy of the Constitution.
  2. Certificate of state registration of legal entities in the form of number P51001.
  3. A certificate of registration in the Unified State Register of legal entities form number P50003
  4. Certificate of registration of the Russian organization in the tax authority at the location in the Russian Federation under the form № 1-1-record.
  5. Extract from the register.
  6. Information letter about the assignment of codes of Statistic.
  7. Application / notification of the transition to the simplified tax system (STS).
  8. Свидетельства из фондов
  9. Print.
  10. Documents confirming the legal personality of non-budgetary funds (FSS, FMS, PFR) will come at the legal entity specified in the founding documents as well as registration with the Pension Fund, the Fund of social insurance ¬ RF and the Health Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation by the tax authority . If necessary, you can get duplicates in the territorial offices of extra-budgetary funds.

Please note that if you wish, you can save your money and make their own paperwork and registration company by using the program in the "How to execute documents for the registration of the LLC".