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Career in "Company AvAntAge"

Company AvAntage is ready to consider offers on mutual cooperation from the young energetic high-qualified lawyers aimed at achievement positive result, adjusted optimistically, with the active vital position, sharing Company priorities.

Company AvAntAge dynamically develops, gains authority and respect of new clients, which become its regular customers or partners. The company is aimed exclusively at good results and successful business.

Main principles of work in the Company are mutual partner relations between executive head and employess.

Company priorities:
- high professionalism and productivity;
- initiative and responsibility;
- respectfulness and a correctness concerning surrounding people;
- an openness and goodwill;
- self-improvement and development;
- corporativity and a healthy way of life.

Advantages of work at us:
- reception the necessary work experience;
- the free schedule of work (both at office, and out of office);
- reception higher post within one year;
-payment depending on results of work;
- the salary maximum level isn't limited;
- participation in seminars, including, the international level;
-granting of subscriptions in fitness - the center.

Requirements to the candidate:
- the higher legal education, preferable the Moscow State University, MGUA, MGIMO, in sphere of civil law;
- a high level of knowledge of the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
- the capability to perform a large amount of work;
- fluent speaking in foreigh language is welcomed;
- readiness to work with high ddegree of sense of duty and responsibility;
- readiness to work on increase the client base.