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Представительство в судахЗащитим и восстановим Ваши права в суде!

Абонентское обслуживание юридических лиц Наша Компания станет постоянным советником для Вас и Вашего бизнеса!

About Us

LTD "AvAntAge" - the universal company, promptly and qualitatively rendering all kinds of legal services (including, but without being limited: holding of negotiations and support of transactions, composition of claims, pre-judicial procedure of dispute settlement, representation clients` interests in various state authorities, in courts including arbitration, intellectual property protection, the consulting help on all spheres of right with attraction of highly professional specialists), including with use of foreign languages, services in business optimization, and also rendering if necessary the psychological help to the clients.

Depending on preferences of the client company can conclude the contract on rendering subscriber-based service or the call-off contract.

Legal services:

The presented list of services isn't limiting, includes the most often required services and can be always added depending on wishes of clients.

Our company provides the individual attention to every client with flexible system of discounts.

With the complete list of all types of service and with the prices for their rendering, you can familiarize right now in section Services and prices